CS:GO map creator gives update on Cache remake progress

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  It’s currently unclear exactly how drastic a rework the new version of Cache will be. Some maps, such as Dust II, saw very limited changes to their fundamental structure during their rework, with the update instead being largely graphical.

  Others have had changes made that make a more tangible difference to how the map plays, with the likes of Inferno for instance seeing adjustments to the area known as “banana” that impact how difficult it is to take and hold for each side.

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  Regardless of when the updated version of Cache actually appears, however, it seems unlikely that it will be returned to active duty in the near future. Changes to the competitive map pool are typically fairly infrequent, with the previous update coming nearly a year prior with the addition of the reworked Dust 2 in favor of Cobblestone in April 2018.

  It’s likely that fans of Cache will have to wait until at least after the current Major cycle, which concludes at StarLadder Berlin on August 20-September 8, before they see the map played professionally again. Once the remake is released however, they will at least be able to play it themselves.


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